Photo competition and sharing is arguably the life-blood of this or any photo club. That’s been demonstrated by experience. So our Club has an active competition/sharing activity, devoting six of our twelve monthly general meetings to competition, judging and sharing. All Club members participate on an equal footing. There are no classes of competitors. All members are invited and encouraged to participate as submitters and as judges.

Both “straight” and manipulated images are welcome in all categories. It is a requirement that each image be the sole work of the submitting photographer.

Competition and Photo Sharing

  • There are four categories of entries: General, Theme, Non-Judged (includes slideshows and video), and Panorama.
  • Members may submit General, Non-Judged, and/or Theme images as prints or digital images up to 4 per meeting, 18 for the year; Panoramas 6 per year and 2 per meeting; or 1 five minute (max) slideshow or video per meeting, 5 for the year. “Before and After” how-to images count as one submission.
  • The competition images are displayed one by one at the Competition meeting. A panel of three judges, usually from the Club, silently award a numerical score to each image, followed by a critique and sometimes comments from the maker.
  • Scores are tabulated and published in the monthly newsletter.
  • Non-Judged category images are discussed by the monitor, the maker and the audience as time allows.

How Competition Judging Works

  • The Competition committee chair selects a facilitator and three judges for each meeting. Generally, the facilitator and judges are Club members, but outsiders are sometimes invited.
  • Prior to the Competition and after the preceding Friday: The selected judges and facilitator will be sent via “Dropbox” on their computer all of the images submitted for the competition night so that they may preview the images in advance. This is intended to give judges more time to carefully review the images than is presently available on the night of competition.
  • Competition Night Judging: Each judge awards five to nine points to each image, using criteria that help define “compositional and technical” proficiency, as well as the “impact” that the image may have.

Other Competitions

In addition to the intra-club competition, some Club members participate in a traveling print competition run by the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs or one of the several competitions run by the Photographic Society of America. And in addition to that, some members participate  in independent local, national, and international competitions run by a variety of groups.

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