Submitting Digital Images

File Format

File type Submit images as JPEG format only (jpg).
Orientation Images will be shown in the orientation (portrait or landscape) you send.
Image size Images should be 1400 pixels along their longer dimension.
Horizontal Panoramas Should be 1400 pixels wide and no larger than 700 pixels high.
No vertical digital panoramas (vertical panorama prints okay but not for digital preview).
Quality Use the highest available image quality when saving image as a JPEG.

File Naming

  • A single letter of the image category below, image title, your last name and first initial, ending with jpg.
    • Categories
      • G = General
      • M = Monthly Theme
      • P = Panorama
      • R = Review Only – non judged, any category. Designate in the body of the email if the image is a Panorama
  • Use underscores only as separators.(Category_Image Title_Maker.jpg)
  • Do not use dashes or underscores between the words in the file name. Spaces are fine.
  • Do not use any of the following characters in the File Name: < > : “ / \ | ? * Processing will be halted.
  • Prints: For preview of a print, add “.print” to the image title. (Category_Image Title_Maker.print.jpg)
  • Maker Name: First name followed (no space) by last name.
  • Review Only: Your name plus consecutive numbers (in the order that you want your photos shown) if more than one image is entered: R_John Doe1_Title.jpg
G_Image_Title_John Doe.jpg
G_Image _Title_John Doe.print.jpg (for print previewing only)

Send your image(s) to:

E-mail address:
Subject line: Images for Projection
Body Text: List how many images you’ve attached.
Attachments Attach three or less images at a time to each email. Multiple emails okay.
Deadline Send your email(s) no later than midnight of the Friday before competition night and no sooner than when the previous competition has completed.
Acceptance Criteria Incorrectly titled images may not be accepted due to time restraints.
Confirmation You will receive an e-mail confirmation within two days prior to competition night. It is your responsibility to watch for confirmation. If you do not receive one, send an e-mail to and ask for the confirmation.

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