The Club is a non-profit organization that subsists on membership dues. It has a governing set of Guidelines that are determined by vote of the general membership, and is governed by a group of member-directors and volunteer committee members and heads. We’ve attached a list of committees and their functions for the convenience of members who may want to take a new or different active role in club affairs.

Directors are elected each autumn by vote of the general membership. The Board meets monthly and warmly welcomes other club members at its meetings. In fact, it more than warmly welcomes members who will step forward for election or nomination to its various positions.

John Petrek* Chair
Rob Wagoner* Vice-chair, Educational Programs
David Warren* Secretary
Cindy McGregor* Treasurer, 4th of July Show
Jerry Young Newsletter Editor and Publisher
Pat Egaas* and Norm James* Processor of Images for Projection
Pat Egaas Competition Chair
Genevieve Moyer Judge and Critique Coordinator
Paul Brians and
Bryan Browne
Paul Brians Publicity
Jennifer Bouchard Webmaster
Jon DeArman Tech Talks
Norm James NWCCC Print Shows/Web site support
 Dawn Bockus*
 Nancy Merson*
 Lidija Gregov*
* board member

In the interest of privacy, neither officers nor other members of the club publish their e-mail addresses or phone numbers on the web. If you need to reach any of the officers by e-mail, please use the Contact page. This will be received by the webmaster and sent on to the appropriate person.

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